• positive review  Five star diving instructor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Xavier has put together specific tailored training days to cater for my specific needs. Xavier goes above and beyond in his teaching and his professionalism in how he delivers his course work. He is super patient and encouraging whilst having a high level standard of training to achieve. I have developed in leaps and bounds in my diving and looking forward to learning more. I highly recommend going to BeyonDepths - you will never look back 🙂

    Nino Harrison Avatar Nino Harrison
    13 February 2021

    positive review  Just finishing my Deco 50 certificate with Xavier who is very professional, patience, enthusiasm and knowledgeable. Big thanks for BeyonDepths and Xavier bringing me to another awesome diving world and improving my diving skills. I literally fall in love with Tec diving and deep water after the course. Highly recommended to do the course with the right person😉By the way, Tecline is excellent and definitely worth to purchase!

    Mia Zhao Avatar Mia Zhao
    10 February 2021

    positive review  I recently did some sidemount training with BeyonDepths. Xavier is a passionate diver with excellent buoyancy control. This personal experience translates into a practical approach to teaching, achieving good results quickly. I would recommend BeyonDepths for any training starting from OW.

    Cody Sheridan Avatar Cody Sheridan
    1 July 2020
  • positive review  I reached out to Xavier regarding some skill training and it was the best decision I've made. learning all about backplate and Wings and finning techniques. if you looking at buying gear with Xavier he is a wealth of knowledge regarding it all and I look forward to purchasing my wing and backplate soon from him

    Tom Keech Avatar Tom Keech
    29 June 2020

    positive review  I have just completed my OW20 course with Beyondepths. I found the experience immensely rewarding. Xavier is a very professional instructor. He is friendly, knowledgeable, informative, patient, accurate. Xavier has gone through this course with meticulous precision and detail. I have learned so much on diving which I understand is only the beginning of a wonderful sport. Thank you Xavier for sharing your knowledge with me and look forward to many more dives to come.

    Peter Damiano Avatar Peter Damiano
    11 June 2020

    positive review  Took a customised course on EANx and as well as to learn core skills like finning styles, breathing techniques, buoyancy and DSMB deployments etc with Xavier Monsaingean. I must say this is exactly what I needed to become a better diver. He showed me how exactly to perform these techniques in the pool session which are otherwise hard to learn from the internet & so guidance is a must. Xavier is very professional & same time friendly and thanks for these wonderful lessons tailored to my needs. I recommend all divers to take one on one course with him to improve your dive skills. PADI/SSI dive centres will never teach you these even if you are an advanced OWD. Gr8 work mate 🤘

    Mita Deep Avatar Mita Deep
    9 December 2019
  • positive review  I had an awesome experience buying a harness from Xavier, the fact I live in far North Queensland did not make any difference. He took the time to find out which product would suit my needs, gave me all relevant information and great advice. After I received the product he took the time to guide me through some options. Can’t thank you enough Xavier! My first day underwater, with my new gear, could not have gone better!

    Claudia R Coelho Avatar Claudia R Coelho
    9 July 2019

    positive review  I have found Xavier to be a very professional operator and do recommend him for as an Instructor or dive guide, he has alway worked around my schedule to help me complete everything I needed. Highly recommend BeyonDepths 5 stars

    Jason Miles Avatar Jason Miles
    26 May 2019

    positive review  Friendly guy, lots of diving experience, and a good teacher

    James Dibbs Avatar James Dibbs
    13 September 2018
  • positive review  this is a guy whos passion for diving and helping others is unmatched please support him as much as you can

    Bob Staddon Avatar Bob Staddon
    10 May 2018

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