Our Team

As Fervent Scuba Diving instructors, we are proud to take you onto your next adventure and bring your skills and knowledge to a whole new level!

  • Contact us to dive more confidently, learn or perfect some skills and set up yourself with new equipment.
  • Contact us to learn new configurations such as sidemount or backmount for recreational and/or technical diving.

We aim for perfection at BeyonDepths.

Xavier – Instructor

After discovering the underwater world, Xavier became passionate about exploring this incredible and mysterious environment.

As a Tec instructor, Xavier is particular about his teaching. His attention to detail and his motivation to share his expertise throughout courses are some of the values we admire in BeyonDepths.

Sidemount and Cave diving are amongst Xavier’s favourite dives.


Dominic – Instructor

With his love for the ocean and respect for the marine environment, Dom, an avid instructor, always makes it his priority that your dives are enjoyable like no other.

Dominic, who also enjoys Deco dives and never misses an occasion for one, is on his way to becoming a brilliant Deco instructor.



Deborah – Marketing

What could be better than combining your hobby with your job?

Deborah has dived in 4 continents; Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean, Andaman sea, Adriatic sea, the Red sea, and of course in River Rhine in her home country.

Scuba diving is more than a passion for Deborah, she hasn’t found a happier place to be.


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