About RAIDaptive

The RAIDaptive program was designed to bring the sport of diving to persons with disabilities by adapting the RAID Open Water 20 course to the diver with disabilities.
The title RAIDaptive, is a combination of RAID and Adaptive to be identified by the diving community to the intent of the program.

RAIDaptive Open Water 20

The RAIDaptive program is designed to teach individuals with disabilities to become certified DIVERS with the goal of using certified RAIDaptive Dive Buddies to compensate for those skills that they cannot independently perform.

RAIDaptive Buddy

The role of a RAIDaptive Buddy is to assist, or “fill in the gap” for the skills that the RAIDaptive Diver cannot effectively complete independently. Therefore, this course has been designed to teach you how to appropriately assist the RAIDaptive Diver.

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